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Final Day in Vegas

Final Day in Vegas

Las Vegas Nev.- Having gone 1-1 in the previous days matches the Lady Saints were eager to get back on the courts. Day two of the tournament was not going to be any easier. The Lady Saints would be facing off against NJCAA Division 2 number 2 in the nation with Parkland College followed by the reigning champions and a national semifinals rematch with College of Southern Idaho. in two days and 3 opponents ranked with in their own respected divisions is unique for anytime outside of a week at the national tournemt. These next two opponents will be in the same boat with the LAdy Saints all a little tired and a little beat up but still you have to win 3 sets.

The first match of the day had the Cobra's from Parkland College taking on the Lady Saints at noon central time. Coming out of the gate the Cobra's were ready and in sync right out of the gate. Cobra's came out to an early 18-11 first set lead with each point gaining more and more confidence. With 6 players on the court and an additional 10 on the sidelines it felt as if they travled with thier student section, with the sidelined players participating in group chants and gestures to keep the teams energy up. The Saints would find some of their own energy but it seemed to be to late as the first set was won by Parkland College 25-21. This took the Lady Saints by suprise as they have not lost the first set of a match until that morning. Comming out in Set two determined to even things up the Lady Saints came out to an early 14-10 lead but the Cobra's would respond comming back and tie it back up at 17-17.

Each team with determination would even things up again at 21 all. Having the lead for most of the match the Lady Saints would lose 4 out of the last 5 points to fall 25-22 in the second set. Going down two sets to none the Lady Saints would have to dig deep to come back from this deficit if they would win this one. Set three was the hardest faught battle of the entire match with each team only leading by one ore two points but it would never exceed 3 for either side. As the gym filled with participants for the next match it seemed to intesify the electricity already browing in the gym. All tied up at 24-24 the third set would need extra points to determine the winner. The Lady Saints would take defend off two match points but could not get a set point for themselves. The Cobra's would get their match point winning the third and final set 28-26 and for the first time the Lady Saints would fall in straight sets. With this loss it has now been 5 consecutive sets lost for the Lady Saints.

With one more match to go in Vegas the Lady Saints only had 2 hours to rest before the start of the next match. But there would be little rest with the players and coahces talking things over and trying to get back on the right track. Again things would not geteasier with the LAdy Saints taking on College of Southern Idaho, the team that defeated the Lady Saints a year ago in the semifinals of the Nathional tournament. After losing the last two matches it would seem the Lady Saints would dig deep and play with diffrent type of ergancy and vengence. The first set they would take a 15-10 lead with the outside hitter in Yanlis Feliz getting 8 kills in the first set to lead the Lady Saints to a 25-19 first set win. Getting some confidence back with snapping thier 5 set losing streak and would carry that momenteum for the rest of the match.

As they would come out in the second set with a 6-1 lead that would quickly grow to a 15-6 lead. Having such a large lead the Lady Saints would stay on the gas peddle and take the second set 25-18. Going into the third set the LAdy Saints would still look like they havne not played 3 matches already that weekend but looked fresh and determined. Again the third set would play out like the previous two sets with the LAdy Saints jumping up to a 15-8 lead and again continue to dominate the match. Winning in straight sets the Lady Saints would take the third set 25-17 and snap their 2 game losing streak. 

This weekend was filled with top ranked opponents and prominant volleyball programs but the Saints would learn a lot on the trip about themselves and what the national stage has to offer. After losing for the first time this season twice in two days the Lady Saints responded with a dominating performance against College of Southern Idaho that shows this teams determination and that they will not fold even when everything looks against them. Looking to continue their Confrence schedule the LAdy Saints will play their first home match this Wednesday September 18th in the Greenhouse at 6:30pm. Come on out and support the Lady Saints and see them live for the first time in Liberal.